Follow the dream

Take risks… I have done this… Failure is an option… ? it is but fear is not… I am going to take the biggest risk of all. I have no idea where to start, but I am going to start with the people that know how too. I will set limitless goals to my track. I will succeed. In December 2012 I will reach the goal I have in mind. Big, Bigger than the world we live. Expanding into the far reaches. I believe in this. I am young, but I am determined and I am. For Ally.

Again Anyway you can help Finger in the right direction will be enough. I will never give up. I will meet my goal. I can, and I will, and I already have. Time to practice this preach.

Wish me the best and the most luck you can. I step ouit now, and tomorrow even¬†further. To be fearless, is to overcome the fears we feel and the fears we will encounter. Don’t hide from the challenge, and don’t limit yourself.

Fear is not an option talking to who ever, asking who ever, making these films, kickstarter or more. I am going to pursue every avenue. Eye Watch your dreams are beginning to fade into reality, and out of my creative world. Let’s make magic, and even more. Lets change the world.

I can… Watch

Thank you

Christian Caballero.

For Ally.


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