I know there is a reason.

Today we find out what the baby will be, and we found out that the doctor is sure it is a girl! I knew it. I knew it, I freaking knew it! I apologize for the over done “I knew it’s”, but I am happy for my life to be with daughter that i’ll never stop loving. 

To Ally

Miss Aliyah Rose, A message from your dad. I have a small picture on my phone and currently my wall paper on my laptop of you. I talk to this picture and kiss it every night, and I hope the words I say in my head your hear. The love I feel for you and the words I express in my head to you. I want you to read this one day, I’ll copy this down no worries, it’ll stand the test of times. I just wanted to let you know I am telling the world how much I love you. No matter how much I try and keep it together, the thought of just  entering this world and growing up, is very important to me. I am a passionate guy no argument there. I have to tell you that you are the very inspiration that drives me forward in this wild crazy journey. When your Dad reaches his moment, the one I dream of everyday besides meeting you ;). Your Dad will let everyone know you are the reason for all the magic that will surround. I love you already and I will love you far beyond my time on this earth. you are the special light that guides me 🙂 For Aliyah Rose.

Christian Caballero, Love Dad.

Everyone I am so excited, and I pray every day for my daughter. I ask that if you can can pray, or how ever you speak to your god for positive protection for my daughter, and for your loved ones as well. If you do not believe in religion or God or any God, please do not take offense to this, just wish her luck ;). I pray for her, and for all of you to have your fortune. I am about to have mine, time to get rolling.


Good night folks

Christian Caballero.


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