An emotion to create

Ok folks the time is near. August 10 th is the dead line. I will have a presentation and proposal for kick starter. 6 days to create, a video of what I can accomplish and do in 6 days. It seems to be challenging but in fact it’s not. It seems to be unrealistic, but in fact it’s not.  I got to tell you, like I have the last 10 posts life is too easy and too good. This is something we all should recognize, and I want to tell you that if I can do this without fear and take these risks and succeed (which  I will and have) you can too. There is nothing you can’t do, but remember not to have fear, it will all work out and happen. folks it is time, time for the creation inside to spill out into the world and woo the audience, that is my job and passion. For Ali (new  spelling) (pronounced Al-lee). This is all couldn’t have happened with out that little baby.

I am very proud to say that I am going to leave a mark in the world for her to see. Her dad is taking it on. I will update you very soon with pictures and posts on the making of it all. My love and sincere prayers to you all. don’t let it go, just go for it. You can and will and have, like me.

I appreciate the followers and viewers I appreciate you fully, lets do this.

Thanks. Christian

For Ali (Al-lee).


Aliyah Rose Caballero.


Believing and making it a reality.

Here I go taking my first steps in a direction, never walked on by me before. I have to trust in myself. For numerous reasons, I know what I have to accomplish, And it will be a accomplishment. I have to succeed not just for my child but me as well. I want my child to be proud of their father in such an amazing way. This is going to happen. I have the drive to do this, I working up my positive attitude, it haltered a lot when I found out the news of my angel she is the size of a lime, and I already am in love with this child. I have to fight for us. I can do this I can feel it. I have tears in my eyes when I think of the greatness I’m going to do an the moment I succeed, I’m going to thank god for everything, and just take that moment to hold my heart. its going to be quite a journey, redefining my self and following and accomplishing my dream is right around the corner. I have the best support, from friends and family and this is all for them aswell. I promise you guys I can and will do this. Thank you for your faith in me and your support, because in my reward I will reward you with all I can. You re extremely appreciated. This won’t have a lot of reads for some time. But this will be where my success started. I am proud of myself for taking this challenge if I didin’t pursue then I would always regret. I will succeed I will, I will. I know I can and I will. I have so many resources and amazing people willing to help, thank you guys and welcome to the crew, together I know we can make this come to reality, and we will. I love my child on its way. This is for you too baby. (love from your Dad).

Need to assemble this team have 2 members. So gotta make some calls and get the rest. He we go, it starts today, July 5th 2012, the start of something amazing.


Christian Caballero July 5th, 2012


I promise I will