breaking out of gray

Things are working out fast and easy life is good and too easy working on multiple avenues with multiple companies one which Columbia and another Microsoft studios for two separate projects. These workings are only opportunities at this time nothing written in stone and still working out the details but the fact that I have gotten so far in such a short time is amazing to me. I want to say thank you to you all and want to let you know that I’m a eye lash shy of proving to you all, that believing in your self and pursuing you dreams with a 100% positive mind set will get you to where you want to be. I am almost there. I am also going to tell you the road ahead can sometimes be bumpy, you determine how bad. That is a challenging task for most, but it is doable, so go do it! I will too. I wish you the best and please wish me the best as well, I have some moments of gray lately dealing with new moments and new situations that are only here to better myself and my family. I believe in that and I also know that Sarah and I are suppose to be and we are proving that positivity right. she is the woman I have always wanted and needed. I am the man she needs and wants too and I am becoming that more and more. There are little bumps here and there, but we are doing something we never did before, dealing with the pain, instead of running from it or just ignoring it. This time we have each other and we are already so different from may 19th haha. It’s unbelievable no screaming no punching walls, no calling each other mean names no outbursts of cruelty. There are still some issues with sensitivity (me), irritability (me and way more her :P), Guilt trips (her and me), and some trust issues (me and slightly her) due to use dating other people while apart. IT’s mostly silliness but the most important things, love, honor, respect, honesty, Happiness (majority of the time, some moments of gray), support! support! and Support! we make each other happier than anyone will ever make us and working on making it all the time and we love each other more than anyone will ever love us. So things are great, too great my daughter is 31 weeks and is looking to pop out in January, bu she will be here the 24th or the 25th maybe the 26th or 27th of December! My b-day is the 26th of December so I have a feeling, just how I know she was a little princess!


I wish you all the best and thank you for all the support!

Thank you. Christian

For Sarah and Ali



Thank you guys

Hey everyone, To the people who, read, followed and like my posts.. Thank you, Seriously thank you.. You guys have honestly made me feel stronger, by actually acknowledging and liking my crazy dramatic life long experience. I learned soo much in so little time, and have much more to learn, I didn’t say i was done’ I ain’t no Yoda.. More like whiny Anakin.. 😉 I saw my brother talking ugly to his wife and saw my dad be rude to my mother, and thought man what the hell is your guys problem.. appreciate those women. and love them, help them, comfort them. adore them. My dad should kiss my mothers feet and my brother should do the same to his wife. You know in my negative experience, it really helped my family in a way, after my dad talked nasty to my mom.. He did something he never did before, he apologized and said even when I do that it doesn’t mean I don’t love you… Doesn’t make it better that he bellowed, but he realized and took a small step but took a step in the right direction.. My brother has a nasty temper, after he gave his wife attitude, he said i’m sorry, she said it’s ok i’m used to it, he said ahh but you shouldn’t be, I’m sorry. So to the people that have read this. Especially the guys, unless your counter part is crazy and doesn’t go by the classy side of society and is unfaithful then don’t follow this advice. But for those who have women that they love. Don’t let your stupidity destroy your love. don’t let you testosterone end your moments, don’t let you faults be hidden away from her.. She seems them regardless.. Don’t lie.. If she so accepts you for you.. then stop fronting, stop bickering, stop being mean. be loving, be supportive, be appreciative, be happy. Life is too good to share alone. so don’t kill it.. if you have it don’t lose it. Cause being alone after having someone to share your happiness with is hard, and feels cruel, and if you don’t like standing up and moving on, and if you don’t like pain then cherish the woman that is meant to be for you. If the graceful girl is my meant to be, then she’s my meant to be and time and fate will figure it out, so I leave it to them. So everyone enjoy life.. enjoy it don’t be angry, I enjoy these moments. You too girls. If your man is an ass but you know that he loves and will try for you, then give him a tiny little break, but don’t let him or any body take advantage. Don’t underestimate your intuition either.. It’s your gift among many, I promise you it will serve you right, You guys are beautiful not just physically 😉 , but your whole dynamic and your nature is a real spectacle, no matter mad, crazy, indecisive, shopaholic, barefoot, nails and hair,speeding tickets, your tears, your golden hearts, your love for children and animals, your cleanliness, your humor, your silent but deadly’s, your liveliness, your emotions, your  privilege and honor to carry a child(not saying i want that honor or privilege by any means) but your everything is beautiful and fuckin cool.. Those amazing qualities are only few listed many more there, that are great. Girls are tough, really fucking tough, don’t underestimate them, cause they’ll kick you in the I know that every girl is not perfect but you all have it in you, and us guys too, we have it in us to be the men that are women love, and need and we need in life. enjoy it all, I do, it’s hard to enjoy this particular one but I have to appreciate it because it changed who I am and I how I see things in such a short amount of time, Honesty, compassion, respect, confidence(alil more than usual) ;), realizations, appreciations, faith and hope to fix and correct my errors, my passion to follow my dreams, Strength,honor,and love. I am a smart mother &$^$#@, I really am, not soo much book smart but that will change, I have the potential to do or be whatever i feel. I am lucky to have such a good personality at heart.. I am really.. At heart I am a good, respectful, loving, caring, super sensitive( I hate that part but i can work with it), strong, loyal person. I am proud of myself.. i really am. I think I’m going to be a better person in life.. just because i am acknowledging and praising my pros. And i am acknowledging and fixing my cons. There will always be pros and cons in a person and to being with with. But I want to lessen my cons, and have my pros stand out and out number my few less important cons. I am on the right track to being a true Spartan!! I have an extreme Spartan obsession, Like really extreme, i trey to live my life in Spartan method, Fearlessly, strong, Honorable, and loving. I wish i could put deadly but I ain’t in the military, and i’m not a murderer so I have to scratch that one, but my will power and my will to fight, and try is iron, especially now i actually for once  actually twice 😉 practiced what i preached.. 🙂 now it’s time to do it a third time.

Again thank you guys for listening, You have helped me in a bigger way than you’ve ever imagined, and to the people that are going to read this.. Thank you as well for stopping by and giving me support.. I feel you views and follows are support. If I can do anything for you guys.. Please let me know and I will try my damn hardest.. Except asking for money, I’m broke as a damn joke again..*sighs* feels pretty good 😉

Thanks. Chris.